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About Cargico

Cargico Group is a successful and honorable company that provided engineering and technical service founded in 1973 and later grown to be a full-featured facility of research, development, manufacturing, and engineering service。

We also have long and good experience working as European and American OEM companies on high precision machinery parts of sourcing and manufacturing under ASTM, DIN, and JIS standard. Recently, our endeavors were to the developing of energy saving, environment protection and health care to improve human living quality。

With a strong and committed R & D team, Cargico is continually developing new solutions in the field of anti-microbials, precision engineering and health care. Among them, bacteria-killing platform is the newest and most important invention and has already acquired the patent of China, USA, Singapore, Taiwan and many other countries。

Cargico specialized in its unique Bio-Kil service for anti-microbial treating of indoor environment, water and textiles for inhibiting the growth of germs and bacteria.

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Application of Bio-Kil Technology in Tan Tock Seng Hospital and won the award of Green Mark Platinum in 2006.